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Using the latest design technology in combination with virtually reality headsets, we can place you inside your home before construction even starts. While inside this scale model we will walk you through your design as a final review to ensure your home functions the way we intended it.

By using this software, we can show you a whole new perspective of your home design that was never before
possible. This to scale model is imported directly from our design file so that there are no discrepancies. Doing this
gives us another chance of design review in the perspective that 2 dimensional drawings, or 3 dimensional renderings could never achieve.

While in the virtual home, we will, explore the exterior of the house to ensure you get the wow factor, or the simplicity that you are looking for. We will explore the interior as well and review parts of the design such as, room sizes, ceiling heights, kitchen functionality and more. While in the virtual home we can discuss all aspects and review
in closer detail while we markup and take notes in real time, of any revisions that may be needed.

RJ Ernst

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